Green Bio energy has been around for 10 years and is about bringing greener alternatives to charcoal and wood in everyday cooking process. Based in Kabembe, a village close to the capital city of Uganda, GBE collects charcoal detritus from local suppliers (including 100 women) and retransform it with organic material to form new briquettes. Made from Ugandan machineries, long burning, money saving, no shoot, no smoke, these briquettes also help towards employing villagers around, being inclusive of women to tackle lack of financial empowerment, unhealthy livelihoods, dependency, and gender-based violence.

  • Problem: pollution (358% more CO2 emissions in Uganda now than in 1990), deforestation (a third of Ugandan’s forest has been lost over the last 20 years), cost of energy (50% are used on cooking fuel), employment in rurality, women status.
  • Solution: bring 100% recycled briquettes to households and professionals (schools, market, restaurants) for healthier lifestyle, long-term vision of environment and health
  • Creative process: looking to conjugate expertise in engineering and socials, he decided to support a random project which made sense for both his values and his needs as a practical experiment.