Cross-disciplinary exhibit

Cross-exhibition between neuroscience, immersive art and social-business

Immersive experience

Visual, olfactive, sonor, tasty.. The exhibition will be designed to stimulate all senses

Broader than creativity itself

Main cognitive biases, personality tests, digital platform will also be part of the project

Creativity has been a key element over our evolution as humans and nowadays research has put light on key components related to it: what is creativity, how does the creative process works, what are the functions and attributes involved…

Despites the efforts of governments, non-public, association and private sector, determinism is still accounting for serious inequities amongst population (social, economic, cultural, educational..).

I do believe raising awareness on a personal level towards creativity could be a tremendous support in reducing these inequalities. It would allow to reframe mental preconcieve ideas (through restructuring), turn creative potential into concrete personal achievements as well as improve quality of life and well-being.

Indeed, creativity can also be looked at in the scope of problem-solving. We do solve problems everyday, no matter the socio-economical class or profession. For this exhibition to be relevant to the highest number, a common denominator was necessary: problems the entire world is facing such as social, environmental and energetical challenges. But the knowledge available in this exhibition hopefully will transcend these components and hopefully reach the everyday life of participants.

In order to grasp these difficult notions, to spread knowledge on such complicated brain mechanisms, an immersive exhibition seems to be a relevant answer.

Preliminary work supporting the rationale

I’ve been traveling around different areas of the world to understand the creative process and how brilliant sustainable ideas have been generated to help on environment, energy or socials.

  • Impact Hub in Buenos Aires in Argentina with a regenerative project for the province of Tigre
  • Green Bio Energy in Uganda tackling the problems charcow used for cooking is causing
  • Prison Art in Mexico working on the reinsertion of prisoners after jail
  • Incredible Zagreb in Croatia with homeless tour allowing homeless people to still be connected with society

– Experts needed –

Building an expert committee with group or 1-1 sessions based on interest and availability

  • Assess and validate scientific approach and feasibility
  • Shape the rooms and exhibition flow for optimal participants experience
  • Generating a beta version of the on-line platform
  • Obtain more precise estimation of timing, needed resources and roles: manpower, material/technology, constraints and risks

Experts in Culture x Social

Expert Committee

Will help on maximising the social impact of the project and participants involvement, making sure it is made available for all, bringing expertise on how to successfuly implement a social project and create synergies with other stakeholders.

Experts in Neuroscience and psychology

Expert committee

Give inputs and review the areas related to the cognitive biases, the future on-line educative material for children and adults but also the experiment protocol (scientific validity and limits)

Experts in Technology x Art

Expert Committee / Contractor

Inputs/create/review the visuals and interactions in line with the different rooms but also identify technical constraints and feasibility.

Fragrance and sound design experts

Expert Committee / Contractor

Inputs/create/review the olfactive and auditive experience based on specific needs in the different rooms

Experts in Curation and Game Design

Expert Committee / Contractor

Input / review the exhibition flow and medium used in each room to make it more playful and meaningful.

Experts in curating / creating exhibition

Expert Committee

Share expertise on how to create a successful and disruptive art experience, helping refining logistic and financial, implementation and marketing

Experts in IT

Expert Committee / Contractor

Making sure all data used and on-line platform are safe, efficient and surprisingly playful to interact with


Starting photography

During my second year in pharmaceutical studies, I was a bit frustrated from the methodology of learning and thought I would need a more creative approach. After a failed attempt to switch to Architecture (a good balance between science and art), I decided to give a chance to photography, always…Read More

Experience in a psychiatric hospital

As a pharmacist, it is mandatory in our cursus to do a training in a hospital. My teachers were understanding enough to bend a bit the usual way of selecting the training/trainees on my request and let me access to a psychiatric hospital. It was an abvious choice for me…Read More

Yunus Muhamed Random Encounter

I was working as a waiter at the Global Social Business Summit 2017 in Paris and during a small break, decided to explore what was out there. I ended up discovering the work of Yunus Muhamed and buy his book “In A World of Three Zeros”. Second epiphany, I finally…Read More

Reading Matière à Penser

Just before traveling, a friend offered me a book, a conversation between a neuroscientist and a mathematician. I’ve got the first illumination to create that interactive exhibition with this book and knew I needed to talk about problem-solving / creativity.

First concrete step

While traveling in Argentina while reading the work of Yunus Muhamed, I decided to start this first investigation on the creative process from social business founders with Impact Hub Buenos Aires.

Team Lab at la Villette, Paris

First time ever exposed to digital immersive art, Team Lab was a game changer in designing this project, I deeply enjoyed the immersive approach and their project echoed the way I wanted to present my message.

Exploring further

It was necessary for me to compare if the approach in Buenos Aires would be transposable to other country, culture and challenges. I decided to keep on self-fund my iniatives and go to Croatia to explore other approach of social-business with Incredible Zagreb.

Color Factory in New York

I had the luck to be sent to Harvard with my company for a training on how to conduct change in organizations and took this opportunity to visit NY. I was curious about the art scene and so went to Color Factory. This exhibition, adding up to Team Lab experience,…Read More

Diving deeper

Immerged in another continent I never previously went, I took on my holidays as a health-economist/pharmacist to explore Green Bio Energy in Uganda with an alternative solution to charcow in order to cook.

Finalizing the exhibition flow

During Covid, I decided on top of my full-time job to give more time to this project and designed the rooms I wanted and the exhibition workflow I’d like the participants to experience.

Final step before reaching out

Final and last research before finally deciding to talk about this project to a broader audience than my close relatives, I went to Mexico to explore the creative process of Prison Art founder, an initiative helping convicts in and after jail through art and high-end products.