Daijobu !

“Daijobu” is a Japanese word that can be used in multiple situations to summarize the idea of being fine or not taking care of something.
It was the main expression of this demolition team from a Japanese province, living inbetween obsolete traditions and unaccepted modernity.

I’ve met one of them on a Saturday night and was quite surprised when he turned out to introduce himself as a Tattoo artist. Hoody on, fully confident, dancing with his girl, Hiroshi-san presented me how difficult it was to combine his need to express and his conventional family.

Indeed, Hiroshi got quickly exalted by the endless possibility of tattoos, not the one that Yakuza (Japanese mafia) used to wear, but the one that allows to express an artistic penchant through an indelible mark. He learned on himself and being now 30 years old, most of his body is covered by his learning process and inspirations.